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Susumu UEDA

English Profile

Composer & Producer

Missa Brevis 

- precatio pro pace - 

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About My Missa Brevis (for mixed chorus) <S,A,T,B>

The piano (Organ) reduction version score of this work is published from ZEN-ON. *The orchestra score for rent is preparing. <Instrumentation : 2Fl, 2Ob, 1Fg(ossia), 2Hr, 1Tenor Tb, 1Bass Tb, 1Timp, 1Hp, and Strings.>

For inquiries about my music score, please send e-mail the publisher.


<Performances abroad>
*2016 (Assisi)

  September 21, at Basilica of  St. Francis (World premiere)


This work is a Mass song with a wish for peace. I composed for a special concert in Italy, 2016.The premiere was held on September 21, 2016 at the Basilica of  St. Francis (Assisi).

    Prior to the premiere, I dedicated this work to Pope Francis under the special permission of the Vatican.

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