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Ave Maria

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Composer & Producer

Susumu UEDA

English Profile

About My Ave Maria (for a cappella mixed chorus) <S,A,T,B>

This work (4 voices) is published from ZEN-ON. 

For inquiries about my music score, please send e-mail the publisher.


In addition, Ave Maria of five voices (S,S,A,T,B) is also composing.


<Performances abroad>

  September 18, at St. Peter's Basilica (oversea premiere) / September 19, at Sistine Chapel / September 21, at Basilica of  St. Francis / September 22, at Basilica of Santa Trinita

The sound source of the first track is the performance at Basilica of St. Francis in September 21, 2016. Chorus is an amateur choir belonging to the Requiem Project which I preside in the afflicted areas of Japan. The second track is a performance by a classical vocalist.

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